Serving Children from Germantown on the campus of Greene Street Friends School

The Horizons Approach

At its core, Horizons is a six-week summer program that takes place on campuses across the country. In Summer 2016, Horizons at Greene Street Friends School was launched in Germantown as the first Philadelphia program. Students from our community began our program as the inaugural  kindergarten class, with a goal to return every year until they graduate after Eighth Grade.

On average, students gain 2-3 months of reading and math skills each summer (their peers typically lose 2-3 months), plus they learn to swim and explore music, theater, art, and other activities that build self-confidence and cultivate creativity and leadership. 98% of Horizons students graduate from high school and 96% enroll in post-secondary education. This is a game-changer for families in Germantown. We look forward to your partnership to foster a bright future for these remarkable students and families. 

What is Horizons at GSFS all about?

We have a lot of fun, too!